Most of what I write about is a combination of both the natural world and the spiritual world and while I agree with most of modern science to date, I do think there is also a spiritual layer to reality.

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#1 Nothing is No Information

#2 Something is Some Information

#3 NoThing is Infinite/Unlimited information

Be careful how you understand NOTHING to be and how the word is used when you read my pages and articles on the web. I hold that the true vacuum energy of our universe and of in fact everything is from NOTHING of Infinite Information, is dynamic, and full --not empty, stagnate, and of zero information.

All the information collected from this process of existence and life is also retained inside of the Nothing. Who knows how many times existence and life have happened. I don't think information is lost or destroyed, and I don't think it returns into a zero-information kind of nothing.

Both understandings of nothing look very similar. They are both undefinable, unquantifiable, immeasurable...but they are opposites. The difference between zero and infinity.

FYI: There is One thing all of life wants, even human life and that is the effects of LOVE.



Nothing- Nothing and everything are but different forms of the same.

Nothing- Nothing and everything are but different forms of the same.
Nothing is everything, but everything is not nothing.

From Spirit to Nature

From Spirit to Nature

Simplicity VS Complexity


0 ENERGY/Low ENERGY....................HIGH ENERGY


(Uncertainty Principle) 

RANDOM..................................NON RANDOM
                                                    (Follows forces/natural laws)

(Instant travel)

ZERO SPACE........................................SPACE
 (Everywhere in probability, but nowhere until interaction)

(Knows where and what energy for every electron it has had interaction with)

Empty Space Virtual Particles...............Real Stable Particles

My Speculation:

Nothingness (which is really a bubbling boiling sea of virtual particles) pops. Space-Time is formed. This is because of HUP.  Some become force particles which act as our forces and others becomes real particles. Space-Time has curvature and as it expands, this curvature expands which is how we get gravity. This inflation is also how we get Higgs field. Gravity, how I see it, is more of an external-outside-boundary-thing and Higgs Field is more of an internal-inside-thing. Gravity gives us weight, but Higgs gives us mass. If on a ship in space you will float because you loose gravity, but Higgs will be the same and I'll have the same mass. 

An Atheist Flaw:

The Simplistic and most fundamental form of nature is Limitless. This shows us that in fact "God"would not be a complex entity which would require too much explanation as some atheist scientists try to perpetuate or misunderstand. In fact, "God"would be the simplest form of reality.

We see complexity comes after we add space-time-matter. Complexity comes after simplicity. Without space-time and matter we are given something very infinite, limitless, eternal, all powerful, and seemingly all knowing. 


I would argue that the more structurally complex something becomes the less functionally complex or powerful it becomes. 

For example, in biology the human has an amazing physical structure (not speaking about the immaterial aspects of consciousness, just the physical structures), but when compared to the simple single cell it has many limitations. The single cell in its simple structure has many forms it can take and because of this it is more 'powerful and limitless' in a sense. However, once it has attached to a heart it will now have to work as part of the heart and in its complex structure it now can only act in a more limited function. 

For example, in physics we can see the same thing with atoms versus molecules versus matter. The more simple something is, the more flexibility in its function and therefore power it has and the more physically structured it becomes the more limited it becomes in its function. 

We can see the same thing with virtual particles. We see (according to papers) that the virtual particles pop in and seem to be able to be anything (within our limits). For example a gluon or virtual photon or virtual quark. But what happens is the majority pop in as whatever is present, and so the majority conform and therefore become limited functionally as they conform to the structure around them. When we examine virtual particles further I see a pattern emerging in all of nature. 

Not only does nature go from random to non random and simple to complex, but it also seems to go from limitless function to limited function and from non conformity to conformity. 

So the fundamental forms of nature I would argue are: random, simple, limitless in function, and non conformity. This is why nothing is so powerful. Nothing is stripped of the conformity something brings which gives it the physical, space, time...taking it more into conformity-complexity and limitations. 

The higher levels of nature I would argue are: non random, complex, limited in function, and conform. With few exceptions. 

In my view, the spirit is the most opposite end of the spectrum in terms of structural complexity and so while in nature we see fundamental things as if possibly or drawing close to limitlessness, the spirit actually would exist in that quality. 

What about finite? Virtual Particles seem to draw energy from a pool of nothing that seems to be infinite or close to it. 

What about limits? Virtual Particles and electrons and quarks all show us that the simpler you are the less limits you seem to have. 

What about space? Electrons jump from one shell to the next as if space is not there. 

What about time? Without time does this energy still exist? We see electrons rejecting an interaction with time. They behave as if timeless, jumping from one shell to the other instantly. A simple form of nature is acting timeless! 

What about information? Electrons communicate with each other instantly (those they’ve become entangled with) across the universe. By instantly I mean quicker than a blink of an eye in scales as far as the distance of the universe. It is as if distance means nothing to this little buggers. This shows us the most simple form of nature has an amazing communication system, knowing what seems impossible to know instantly. 

What about power? Virtual particles pop in and out of existence and seem to be the source of every Thing. This seems like a pretty all powerful source to me. 

Complexity seems to add limits because it is in space, matter, and time. 
Simplicity allows for limitlessness and potentiality of all probability.

BEFORE our knowledge of Electrons and Quantum Fluctuations of Dark Energy.... if asked What could be everywhere and yet kinda nowhere (electrons/virtual particles), Travel instantly (electrons/virtual particles), Know what every other fundamental particle (electron) is doing, Be the source of all things(quantum fluctuations), Form something from nothing (quantum fluctuations), Something that can communicate across the universe in a blink of an eye (electron), Something seemingly timeless (electron and universe possibly), Something seemingly limitless and all powerful (quantum fluctuations), 
.....we might think this a complex thing. But in fact it is its simplicity that allows it to be so limitless. 

This is essential in understanding the energy of reality. "God"

Then the question becomes are we experiencing the fullness, the true reality of this energy? 

And is this natural energy all there is? or is there a spiritual energy at an even more simple and fundamental level?

We see from the Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle we are not and in fact it is not because we are not smart enough or lack the capability. NATURE itself stays unseen, or what I call, hidden. NATURE does this and that is a fundamental truth that is very important to understand.

Because if nature is hiding from us, then we are not seeing the fullness of reality, the true reality of the energy that causes it all. 

And if a "God" or spiritual energy exists, and this nature is simply its reflection, than its reflection is telling us we cannot see it. But maybe, we can perceive it. 

Quantum foam is the early form of Quantum Fluctuations. Within Dark Energy we find Quantum Fluctuations.  70% of everything is Dark Energy.

1% of everything is matter and we have electrons there.

So, we are made up of the same.

GRAVITY is the curvature of space Time. It doesn't exist because of matter. Matter simply allows us to "see" it. It exists independent of matter. 

Gravity is like the rubber of a balloon, allowing for boundary.
Quantum Fluctuations are of the Dark Energy which is like the air blown into the balloon. The air acts as the particles-to-be that will form matter and as the expansion of the balloon (Space Time curvature). 

(Measure the energy density -matter and DE- and expansion rate and compare to get curvature).

Dark Energy is intrinsic to Empty Space

Dark Energy is predicted by General Relativity and is not a separate force, but is part of the force of Gravity. 

The Reason our Natural Laws stay the same is because the total amount of energy always stays the same. If it differed, our laws would too. 

The Natural Laws are just a reflection of what energy /nature is doing. They come after, not before. 

Energy follows the 3 fundamental forces which I predict come out of the quantum field itself. The fundamental particles I predict come out of the quantum mass itself. 

An Atheist Flaw: 

FIRST CAUSE: Things that have a beginning have a first cause. 
Eternal things do not.

Again, some atheists argue God would need a cause. Actually no. Eternal things don't have a first cause and in science we find empty space with quantum fluctuations and many atheists say this is eternal or the multiverse is eternal. Well, that is the same problem if you want to argue first cause. 

The point is eternal things don't have a first cause whether is it called God, Quantum Fluctuations, or Multiverse.

I don't think that in reality everything came from absolute nothing (the traditional view), 

but I do think that nothing is a necessary function for everything to appear. And by nothing I do not mean non-existence as I don't think true non-existence exists.

(Nothing as defined as a sea of virtual particles is what I see nothing as

Essentially to have a universe like ours the vital ingredients seem to be: Nothingness + HUP = POP-Big Bang. Virtual particles popping in and out of empty Space-Time, which eventually yields Gravity and Higgs in expansion (I'm pretty clear on Gravity as curvature only, but don't see how Higgs comes about). Property of Gravity is Dark Energy. Higgs gives particles Mass. 

In science we see the TRUE VACUUM existed right after Big Bang and Higgs was theorized to have been "off"and so this true vacuum is just virtual particles - no field and possibly no mass.

BUT when the universe cooled, then we find the Higgs field turned "on" and a field existed--but also virtual particles now gain mass? (I speculate)

In science we have void/vacuum popping virtual particles in Space-Time Gravity, and then Higgs on and then the particles and gravity?


We have a Void, then it is described as Darkness and then described as Waters. Void to me means the nothingness. Darkness to me means Dark energy. Waters to me means Higgs field which is what happens to the massless particles when they go through Higgs, they gain mass as if once going through air -they now are going through water. 

Light is not the radiation in this text or the photons. I think light here is something else. In fact the Hebrew word is different here for light than when used for stars. 

Light is what I think is what the Higgs field provides for particles. It gives mass . This allows the massless fundamental particles to have mass. This happened very soon after the formation of our early universe according to science.

Then a division takes place. Gravity and inflation help to achieve this division of the particles from the virtual particle of dark energy or empty space. 

Where did these fundamental particles come from? I think possibly from the virtual particles of empty space. (This is speculation though). 

They became "real" when space expanded and some separated from their counterparts and then gravity gave them location-space and they gained mass when Higgs turned on. 

Where did the fundamental forces (not gravity) come from? I think from the virtual particles -force carrier particles- which came out of the nothingness. 

Where did Higgs Field comet from? Science says inflation. I'm not clear how. 

Then the light separated from the darkness. The mass and field separated from the darkness...this means from the void, and we see this is what it does. Now random virtual particles gain mass and become our fundamental particles. They begin to obey forces/fields and then appear to follow what we call natural laws. 

How did the light separate from the darkness? By Gravity and inflation. 

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What is God?

For myself, I view God as a Spirit. An infinite, illimitable, eternal Spirit. What is a Spirit? For myself, I view a Spirit as the most fundamental form, most simple form of energy.

I think to call the Spirit/God as intelligent or conscious, restricts and limits our own understanding of it. This is because we view life and nature through our own intelligence and consciousness. Ours evolved naturally from simple to complex and is restricted by body/space/time.

A God would not have these limits, would not have evolved and would not be complex. Therefore its "intelligence" and "conscious" would be nothing like we understand.

God is not a consciousness inside a brain or an intelligence inside a brain or even a mind inside a brain. Though a mind might be the closest we can think of it. God would exist outside of space and time and inside of it; therefore, its "consciousness" would encompass past-present-future and even before time. Its intelligence could be much like a mathematical genius quantum computer. Perhaps an Awakened Energy-Spirit- would be a better definition.

There are two kinds of energy in my view. Spiritual and Physical. When we understand virtual particles and fundamental particles better, I think we come closer to understanding what Spiritual Energy can do as well.

Spiritual Energy >>Withdrawal>>Space Forms>>Physical Energy Emerges>>Fields> Virtual Particles> Forces>Fundamental Particles>Everything Physical Forms.

Science examines the natural/the physical, not the spiritual.

I agree with everything from science, except when biologists (not mathematicians) use words like purposeless, without guide, directionless, without goals.

I agree with mathematicians assessment of randomness.

The reason is because in biology, we are talking about things without a consciousness -processes and mechanisms are non living things and can't have a purpose in the sense that they are using the word. They don't have a consciousness. They are not aware.

We are examining processes and mechanisms, but what is this substance (energy) that these processes and mechanisms are using. From where does this substance (energy) come?

Those are essentially the questions at the crust of the real inquiry into what is reality.

Simply because the process or mechanism is not conscious itself, does not mean they were not structured deliberately or without intent or thought, or that a spiritual energy does not exist.

This simply means that physical things and processes and mechanisms without a consciousness don't have a conscious purpose/goal.

Well, Duh.

So, I agree biological evolution doesn't have a conscious purpose/goal in and of itself -because we are examining only the physical Things, the physical processes and physical mechanisms.

This says nothing about the spiritual significance.

However, they do have a natural purpose/goal.

All energy persists toward entropy =Death.
All life persists to survival =Life

Further, all energy follows a pattern from simple>complex, chaos>order, from heterogenous>homogenous, from random>non random, from death>life>death.

These patterns are reflected in our natural laws.

So, all of energy does follow a guide or a direction. It is the direction or reflection of the natural laws.

is Nothing all there is?

Science seems to be going in the direction that true nothingness does not exist. This is because whenever you find nothing, you find virtual particles.

I would have to agree not just with the science, but with that concept in my view of life and reality.

Nothing does not exist, because whenever you find nothing--you actually find everything just in its most simple and fundamental form. Nothing is NoThing, not the non-existence of everything.

The most simple and fundamental form of reality is NoThing and this is why this happens in my opinion.

The real question for me is, how much of life experience and memories is retained in this simple fundamental form that makes up our universe and our everything?

How is it retained?

We can see cells seem to have a sense of memory and experience, but do virtual particles too?

Do all our memories and life experiences retain themselves in some fundamental form of energy?

Could what we call the soul or spirit be an echo of nature itself?

It does seem that virtual particles have to behave certain ways. It pops as a gluon only to become a photon or such...because it seemingly has to conform to the existence it pops into. Some virtual particles might pop into our existence as anti-quarks, but most have to conform and so we see the photon it is supposed to be.

Why do virtual particles conform? What rules are they following? It seems they are somehow aware of what is around them if they are conforming. (Not to imply this awareness has to be conscious.)